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Cooking oil extraction chart flow
Cooking oil extraction chart flow

Introduction of cooking oil milling extraction process:
Cooking oil extraction workshop:
Compared with pressing, solvent extraction has higher oil yeild and lower labor cost with better work environment and better-quality cake.
There are 2 tupes of solvent extraction, direct solvent extraction and pre-pressing extraction. Direct solvent extraction is always used for low-oil-content oil seeds, while pre-pressing extraction is used for high-oil-content oil seeds.

Cooking oil stripping tower
Cooking oil stripping tower

Cooking oil milling extraction process as follows:
1. Cooking oil extraction:
Cooking oil extraction is to extract oil from oil oil base or pre-pressed cake to oil mixture and meal.
The major equipment of this section is extractor, and extraction pot is always used in batch extraction while continuous extraction uses loop type extractor, rotocel extractor, crawler type extractor, etc.
2. Desolventizer toaster:
Meal from extractor consists of 25-35% solvent. And in order to recycle solvent and get better-quality meal, wet meal drying is necessary.

3. Cooking oil stripping tower/ oil stripper:
Cooking oil mixture consists meal powder, solvent and oil. This step is to seperate these 3 indreginents by filtration, evaporation, and stripping.
The major equipments for this section include filter, cyclone hydraulic separators, evaporator, stripping tower, etc.
We can help you design or choose the most suitable equipment according to your capacity.
4. Solvent vapor condensation and recovery:
Mixed vapor from desolventizer toaster, evaporator, and stripping tower should first be condensed to liquid by condensers, and then seperate solvent and water by water separator, and finally get recycled solvent to reuse in extraction.

contact way of Doing group
contact way of Doing group

We can offer whole line of cooking oil milling extraction for different capacity. If you want to get more questions about cooking oil milling extraction workshop, please feel free to contact us, and we will give you a professional advices.

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