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Vegetable oil refining plant
Vegetable oil refining plant

Vegetable oil refining plant is properly refined for complete removal of waxes, gums (phosphatides) and free fatty acid. After refining, the oil is filtered from various impurities, odor and viscous pigments, thus gets a uniform color. In the plant, there can be batch refining or continuous refining as per the requirement of the applications. Incorporated with latest technology, the vegetable oil refining plant is specially designed with different processes, all integrated in a single compact unit. The plant is assembled with a bleacher, neutralizer, heat exchanger, and deodorizer, filters and high & low vacuum equipments.

Cooking oil refining plant
Cooking oil refining plant

Features of vegetable oil refining plant:

  1. Energy efficient operation
  2. Optimum consumption of chemicals
  3. Continuous operation with automatic loading
  4. Desolventiser toaster is used as a standard equipment
  5. Integration with advanced process control system and efficient plant

Performance of vegetable oil refining plant:

  1. Ensure high flow rate
  2. Wet bleaching for lower earth cost
  3. Consistent product quality and output
Contact way of vegetable oil refining plant
Contact way of vegetable oil refining plant

We are the forerunner in the industry for introducing advanced distillative deacidification technique (physical refining) in the vegetable oil refining plant.This is an innovative technique introduced that has the capability to totally eliminate the caustic treatment with all its attendant disadvantages. We also hold expertise in manufacturing pressure leaf filtration system that is specially engineered for flow rates.

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