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cooking oil seeds
cooking oil seeds

Oil seed Crusher Description:
Oilseed Roll Crusher is pre-treatment processes supporting equipment for large particles of soybean, peanut and other materials-oil process. Crushing mill is one of our main products, through 20 years research, development and assimilation of advanced technology of similar products in the industry; we have achieved perfect combination with crushing effect, output and service life.
The purpose of oil seed crusher:
1. To make the oil plant having certain granularity for easy rolled compact;
2. Increase the superficial area of the oil plant, which is beneficial to the transmitting of temperature and water during the oil plant softening process to ensure the softening effect.
3. To crush the oil cake into small grains in order to leach oil.

oil seed crusher
oil seed crusher

The requirements of Oil seed crusher:
1. The grain should be uniform. For example, the soybean grain should be 4-6parts/pc, and peanut is 6-8 parts/pc;
2. The raw material should not have oil outlet appearance and ball appearance;
3. The powder ratio should be low, limit the powder ratio within 10% when it passing through 20 mesh sieve(hole/inch).

Oil seed Crusher For Sale Features:
High performance;
Longer functional life;
Less power consumption;
Optimum durability;

We can supply design, manufacture, installation, calibration and after service of oilseed crusher oil seeds pretreatment.

oil seeds crusher
oil seeds crusher

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