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cooking oil extraction equipment
cooking oil extraction equipment

The complete Sesame oil extraction plant includes cleaning,hot blast air frying, pressing, filtration, and precipitation; these five sections produce oil with national second grade fragrant sesame oil and byproducts from the very beginning of cleaning.

Cleaning → Hot blast air frying → Pressing → Filtration

1. Cleaning of sesame oil extraction plant
The equipments of this sesame oil extraction plant section including screening machine unit, stoning machine,magnetic separator, winnowing machine and so on. All these equipments finish the process of raw materials feeding, screening, stone removing, magnetic separation, and the complete process of cleaning dust, air generated from this section. This section could reduce damage to the subsequent machines.

cooking oil extraction machine
cooking oil extraction machine

2. Hot blast air frying of sesame oil extraction plant
This section is composed of fuel transport system, hot blast air stoves(oil furnace, coal stove), seeds frying machine, smoking system, hot blast air network, temperature detection system. The total seven equipments to fry the raw materials uniformly, ensure the protein denaturation and harden completely, separate the raw materials from the air and waste gas.
sesame oil extraction machine
3. Pressing of sesame oil extraction plant
This section contains warming conveyor,customized oil press,smoking installation,cake conveyor and so on. All these equipments achieve the whole process including oil extraction, cake transportation, and smoke removal.

cooking oil extraction plant
cooking oil extraction plant

4. Filtration of sesame oil extraction plant
In this section,the machine contains crude oil pool,crude oil pump,filter,oil pump etc. To finish the suspended solids filtering,transportation,meals gathering.

We can offer whole line of sesame oil extraction plant, pressing or solvent extraction plant for capacity from 10 to 6000TPD. If you want to know more about sesame oil extraction plant, please feel free to contact us.

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