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Sunflower seed oil refining machine
Sunflower seed oil refining machine

Introduction of crude sunflower seed oil refining machine

1. Method of crude sunflower seed oil refining machine to make edible sunflower oil
Our facotry is specialized in crude edible oil refinery machine. We can provide cooking oil refining machine from 1 ton to 600 tons. The popular capacity is mini crude oil refinery from 1-5 tons, small scale oil refinery from 5-20 tons and other oil refinery from 20-600 tons. Our equipment is suitable for various edible oil refining machine. For example, rice bran oil refining machine, sunflower seed oil refining/refinery machine, palm oil refining machine, sunflower oil refining machine and so on. Now our palm oil refinery plant is installing in Congo. Usually the cooking oil refinery includes three parts: deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. For thesunflower oil refinery, it also need the crude sunflower oil winterization/fractionation part to get higher quality sunflower seed oil. In the process of rice bran oil refinery machine, sunflower seed oil refinery machine and corn germ oil refinery machine, it needs winterization part to move the wax in the crude oil. We can also provide waste cooking oil refining plant.

Dewaxing press filter
Dewaxing press filter

2. Crude oil refining process
Through take off impurity, Degumming, decoloring, deodorization, removeing wax, fractionation etc, to achieve different standards edible oil.
At present, Having four grade of edible oil, different oil grade have different requirement for quality and machines.
It is suitable for refining various crude vegetable oil, such as sunflower seed oil, tea seed oil, groundnut oil, cottonseed oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, soybean oil, corn oil and palm oil, etc.

Sunflower seed oil refining machine

Sunflower seed oil refining machine

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