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cooking oil flaking machine
cooking oil flaking machine

What are the types of cooking oil flaking machine?
There are two types of cooking oil flaking machine, one is vertifical type, the other is side-by-side type.
The vertifical type flak roll is high efficient , the rolling effectiveness is good , the oil seeds need to bear bigger and bigger pressure from top to bottom. It is suitable for processing the oil seeds which is small size with shells or tough skin, for example, rapeseed. Its disadvantage is that the space between rolls and pressure can not be adjusted, complicated structure is not easy to maintain, the handling capacity is limited.
The side-by-side cooking oil flaking machine flak roll is also called horizontal flak roll, it includes two types, they are single roller flak and double roller flak. The former is suitable for processing small scale, it is also have the function of crushing. The latter one is big pressure and adjustable, by this flak roll machine, the final users can get thin and even flaks. So it is adopted widely.

cooking oil flaking machine
cooking oil flaking machine

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