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soybean oil press machine
soybean oil press machine

Pressing Methods for Some Main Material
This article is mainly inrtoducing some useful tips for cooking oil seeds pressing methods.The main raw materials is mainly including the fellowing oil seeds: peanut /groundnut, sunflower seeds,soybean seeds,rapeseeds ,sesame seeds,cotton seeds and so on.

Soybeans: There are two ways of extruding soybean oil. They are hot pressing and cold pressing. (1) Hot Pressing: Soybeans – Selecting – Prepressing – Heating -- Pressing.
First select soybeans and remove foreign particles, then soften the material by breaking and adding water of 7- 8% and then steam them to 115C, beans will be ready for pressing.

(2) Cold Pressing:Soybeans -- Selecting-- Pressing (in case of adequate water content).

rapeseeed oil press machine
rapeseeed oil press machine

Rape Seeds: Methods of hot pressing and cold pressing can also be used to extruding rapeseed oil. Hot pressing is recommended for the reason that oil extracted by the method of hot pressing is of higher quality and higher oil output rate.
(1) Hot Pressing: Rapeseeds – Selecting – Prepressing – Heating -- Pressing.
When using the method of hot pressing, to remove foreign particles by selection, then check water content as described above , in
case of too dry. Add 2.5-3% of water, normally two times extruding is enough.
(2) Cold Pressing: Rapeseeds -- Selecting-- Pressing (in case of adequate water content).
When using the method of cold pressing, pre-press and heat the seeds after selecting the material. Add 2-3% .of water and await
till look coffee color and temperature 110- 120C,then ready for pressing.

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