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Rice bran oil production process, there are two: one is mechanical compression, the other is a solvent extraction method. This paper describes the mechanical compression.
Rice bran mechanical compression process: cleaning, steaming and roasting, make the cake, pressing, filtration.

Rice bran mechanical compression production technology operations:

1. leaning: Available winnowing, screening and other methods to remove the broken rice bran and other impurities inside.

2, steaming and roasting: the bran directly into the flat-bottomed wok, the speed of 40 rev / min, the water is about 6.5% -7.5%, temperature 120 ℃, steaming and roasting time is 10 minutes. Or steamed rice bran into the vertical multi-wok, add water to make up to 25% moisture content, steaming and roasting 490-686.6 kPa pressure for an end to a temperature of 130 ℃, water content of 4% -5%.

 rice bran oil refining plant
rice bran oil refining plant

3, to make cakes: steamed fried blanks made into bread machine spiral press into the cake. Make cakes faster.

4, press: 90 type or 95 type pressing machine press, when the press first fast-pressed, for about 3-5 minutes, then slowly squeezed until the majority of the oil is squeezed out and then carry on and drain, drain oil at high pressure booster pump to the vertex.

5, filter: The filter press with good hair bran oil on canvas or double white oil filter, the filter temperature control at 70 ℃. Squeezed out of wool bran oil, must be refined in order to eat.

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