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refined peanut oil
refined peanut oil

What is refined peanut oil ?

Peanut oil is extracted from peanut.After peanut oil pressing and peanut oil

extraction ,we can get peanut oil which is called crude peanut oil.Crude peanut oil

contains gum ,phospholipid,and other solid impurities.So for human eating ,we should

refine crude peanut oil.

peanut oil refining machine
peanut oil refining machine

Peanut oil refining process includes 4 sections:
A.Degumming section:
This is the most important section of hydrate de-gumming, the water (there is a little P-acid in water) amount, temperature and water adding speed are very important.
B.Deacidification section:
Using alkali like (NaOH) to neutralize FFA in oil, during this process it will produce soapstock , then separating it from the oil. NAOH solution not only neutralize free fatty acid, but also can act with other substances like protein, mucus, phospholipid, pigment.

C.Decolorization Section:
Because there is pigment in crude oil, the oil color is dark. In order to improve oil color, we need to using the active clay to absorb the pigment away , then using vibrating filter to separate the waste clay. If you want to get light color oil, you need to add more active clay. Customer can accord to his requirement to control the oil color.

peanut oil refining equipments
peanut oil refining equipments

D.Deodorization Section:
General speaking , the crude oil smells not good, it will affect of oil storge and selling prices. So we usually use the direct steam to take odors.

After above 4 steps,we can get refined peanut oil.We are specialized in peanut oil refining process.If you want to start your booming bussiness ,please feel free to contact us.

If you have any questions about the peanut oil refining process,

you can visit:www.doinggroup.com

please feel free to contact us.

Contact: Ms Elina

Phone: +86-371-56771822

TEL: +86 155 155 38695



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