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Cottonseed pretreatment equipment and cotton seed oil press machine designed by our factory absorbs superior designs of multiple separation processes, vertical steaming and stir - frying cauldron, and complete dust removal system so as to achieve the best quality cottonseed for pretreatment. High purity cottonseed makes it easily to obtain super thin and qualified flakes from flaking machine smoothly and safely.
Cotton seed oil press machine advantage:
1.Our cotton seed oil press machines have the high quality and high performance. We use the stainless steel instead of the carbon steel.
2.Our welding worker should get the certificates and our electric machines all imported from Germany.

cotton seeds oil press machine


We can supply design, manufacture, installation, calibration and after service of  cotton seed oil press machine pretreatment.

If you have any questions about the cotton seed oil press machine,you can visit: www.doinggroup.com
please feel free to contact us.
Contact: Ms Elina
Phone: +86-371-56771822
TEL: +86 155 155 38695

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