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Advantages of soybean oil extraction

When processing soybean oil, extruding soybeans with oil extruder machine before expelling or solvent extraction has a lot of advantages that you can not think, below are some of the benefits of soybean oil  extraction :

1.It will improve the degree of gelatinization of the starch, generating the modified starch, and it will with strong water absorption and bonding property.
2.Protein is not easy to loss when feeding, as protein and starch substrate combine with each other. It also improves the titer of the protein for the reason that the protein will only be released when the digestive enzyme decomposes protein by the animals.
3.The process of extruding denatures the protein, eliminates a great number of anti nutritional factors, and at the same time, it changes the tertiary structure of protein, shortens the hydrolysis time of the protein in the intestine and improves the digestibility.
4.For the Ruminant, the extruding process will generate rumen non-degradable protein, that is to say the rumen by-pass protein could prevent the animals from ammonia poisoning and improve the utilization rate of protein.
5.Extruding can release encapsulated fats of the soybean molecular and thus improves the energy value of the fat.

soybean oil extraction machine

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