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Common problems and solutions of rotocel extractor extraction machine:
1. Go to the rotating body is not normal, beep or sudden stop Go: The reason is the chain slack or partial or full loss; reducer fault or
sprocket Sealing, etc;
2, a meal or an abnormal load increase scraper sound: The reason is that under the hopper blanking not normal; wet meal containing
excessive moisture and solvent; subsequent steam offline blocking materials; scraper mechanical failure itself;
3, under the hopper bypass: The reason is that under the hopper overflow into the mixed oil or aqueous solvent resulting in poor
4, mixed oil concentration is not high: the reason may be self-circulating spray amount is too small; or fresh solvent is not enough;
leaching temperature is too low, poor permeability leaching time is not enough to affect the oil;
5, do not fall down residual meal: The reason is excessive or solvent feed ratio is too small, too small mixed oil circulating spray; feed
moisture content is too high embryo; extractor speed is too fast and so on.


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