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Introduction of oil refining :

The purpose of oil refining is to remove the impurities, keep grease biological properties, retain or extract useful substances. In fact, not all of refining to remove impurities, but selectively purify. According to the composition and properties of crude oil in the magazine can be divided into three categories:

1, the insoluble solid impurities, such as sand, meal powder, fiber, clay, catalyst and the like.

2, glue insoluble impurities, such as FFA, sterols, vitamin E, pigments, gossypol and the like.3, volatiles, such as water, alcohols, hydrocarbon solvents, odor material

cooking oil making machine

Oil refining principles:

1, to maximize the refining rate, reduce the consumption of refining. Strive to improve the process, the use of advanced technology and reliable equipment. To achieve the highest oil yield. Such as salad oil production by physical refining instead of chemical refining; note thatevery process to reduce emissions of the reactants.

2, depending on the nature of crude oil, oil products, composition and size indicators, to determine the most reasonable step combinations.

3, the process is simple and reasonable, less equipment and advanced production process of mechanization, continuous, high degree of automation, low labor intensity. Such as improved physical refining process using new SiO₂ adsorbent will closely degumming, bleaching and deacidification.

4, processes and process equipment configuration adaptability stronger.

cooking oil refining machine

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