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Cooking oil screw press machine working principle:

Cooking oil screw press work is due to the rotating screw axis in the bore in squeeze boost, make the press material continuously forward, at the same time, due to squeezer spiral lead to shorten or root diameter increase gradually, make the pressing chamber volume shrinking and squeeze is continuous squeezing action.

Features of cooking oil screw press machine:

Cooking oil screw press is a use of the helical axis of rotation when pressed cages promote material embryo, while squeezed into the cake, while extracting oil continuous oil extraction equipment. Compared with the "hydraulic machine" features are: continuous production, stand-alone processing capacity; able to adapt to a variety of materials; dynamic extrusion press, friction and heat, squeeze a short time, high oil yield; cake thin friable; low intensity operations . The disadvantage is the relatively large energy consumption; easy consumption and more high-maintenance machine failure; greater impact, such as hot cakes.

cooking oil press machine

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