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Cotton seed oil mill plant

The cottonseed oil mill plant is ideally suitable for industrial production of cottonseed oil. Our company is a prominent manufacturer and exporters of complete Cottonseed Oil Mill Plants. There are 4 to 5 different machinery which when collectively operated for specific task becomes the entire plant and delivers optimum results. Our cottonseed oil plant ensures minimal waste of oil with highest recovery during crushing and extraction. This ultimately results in higher production rates.

Oil percentage in cottonseed = 13 - 15%

Features of our cotton seed oil mill plant

1.Sturdy construction for entire set of machinery.

2.High oil extraction rate in our machinery.

3.Lesser power consumption

4.Simple operation with minimum noise

5.Continuous operation for improved productivity

6.Consistent product quality

7.Specially designed for faster and easier operation8.Transparent and ultra pure cottonseed oil

cottonseeds oil press machine

Our cottonseed oil mill plant is innovatively designed. It includes sturdy and heavy duty cottonseed oil expeller which makes our plant unique. The oil expeller is specially designed with a circular and round steam cooking kettle. This ensure proper and uniform mixing of the cottonseeds. The entire plant is ISO certified. We provide the complete plant drawings and layouts for the machinery installation.

The cottonseed oil mill plant will give the cottonseed oil as the final product. This oil can be processed and packed subsequently. Our cottonseed plant is a turnkey project. We will provide necessary guidance right from the beginning stage. We will also provide our technicians for the installation and production of the cottonseed oil mill plant .

cottonseed oil mill plant

If you have any questions about the cotton seeds oil mill plant ,you can visit: www.doinggroup.com

Contact: Ms Elina

Phone: +86-371-56771822

TEL: +86 155 155 38695



Fax: +86-37186129922

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