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To produce cold-pressed oil you will need the following:
Moringa seeds
A shelling machine
A moringa oil press
You will have to invest a hundred to thousands of dollars at the outset to begin cold pressed oil, but if you’re growing your own seeds, you can easily establish a thriving business selling the pricey oil, which can be used as a perfume base, a luxurious base oil for homemade soap and a high-end oil to help improve the look and feel of skin thanks to penetrating moisture and multiple skin-friendly antioxidants.
morigar oil

The steps are fairly easy, but it's important to work fast, because if you don't press your freshly-shelled seeds soon after, you'll end up with a dark oil.
Using a shelling machine, remove the papery shell and coating from the seeds.
After making sure that all the components of your oil press are clean, start the press and allow it to warm up for a few minutes before pouring your shelled seeds into the funnel.
After a few minutes, oil will begin dripping from the outlet, ready for collection.
Allow the oil to settle for a few days so any sediment sinks to the bottom before bottling.
Carefully bottle your oil, leaving the sediment behind.
On average, two pounds of seeds will result in 4 ounces of pure moringa oil.

moringa oil press machine

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