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What is palm fruit oil?
Palm oil is extracted from oil palm fruits. Oil palm trees grow in the tropics and originated in Africa. The fruit bunch is cut when it is ripe . The harvested fruit bunches are sent the processing plants by trucks for the extraction of Palm Oil. Palm oil is a common cooking ingredient in the tropical belt of Africa, Southeast Asia and parts of Brazil. Its use in the commercial food industry in other parts of the world is buoyed by its lower cost and by the high oxidative stability of the refined product when used for frying. As we are known, Malaysia and Indonesia are the main countries of palm oil-producing, which occupy over 80% of global palm oil output.
Here we mainly introduce palm oil milling machine:
1. Cleaning section in palm oil milling machine: It is used for removing the iron impurities, stone, fiber and pthers. These impurities are bad for machines, especial for the palm kernel oil expeller.
palm oil milling machine

2. Crushing section in palm oil milling machine: because the palm kernel is hard and big size, it is required to crash to smaller and even pieces. If once crashing can not reach the requirements, the second crashing is required.
3.Cooking section in palm oil milling machine: It is used for heating and cooking the crashing materials, to make is suitable for pressing, doing like this can help final user get the maximum oil and good quality cakes.
4.Pressing section in palm oil milling machine:
5.Filtering section in palm oil milling machine: After pressing, there are some oil dregs in the crude oil, after clarifying, we need to filter the crude oil to avoid to jam the oil pipes during refining processes.

palm oil milling machine

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