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Solvent oil extraction plant technology:

    Simple in structure with stable performance;

    Additional horizontal grid plate prevents the miscella from flowing back into the material cell to ensure the best extraction effect;

    The wet meal is discharged by the material discharger which continuously discharges the wet meal onto the wet meal conveyor. This avoids meal bridging, un-uniform wet meal discharging and extends the serviceable life of the wet meal conveyor.

    Composed of pre-extraction, extraction and draining sections. There is material turnover in the process of extraction to make the extraction uniform and thorough. Special self-cell solvent spraying ensures the best effect during extraction.

cooking oil extraction machine

Features of the solvent oil extraction plant process:

    Evaporation takes place in a vacuum for the best oil quality.

    Extraction system can process different raw materials.

    Developed by BMC, solvent recovery system from vent gas is particularly absorbent.

    With full energy conservation and repeat utilization, steam consumption is markedly reduced.

chart flow of cooking oil extarction plant

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