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Rotocel extractor extraction machine features: compact structure, high material layer, reliable operation and low power consumption; high extraction efficiency, mixing oil concentration is high, and suitable for a variety of oil, powder degree of material for embryo-torey permeability due to poor material leaching effect slightly worse.

Leaching process: Rotocel extractor leaching process is a high material layer countercurrent leaching. When leaching, first by the
material sealed material embryo auger, according to production requirements even feed FEED grid. After leaching cell memory is full
of materials, along the direction of rotation turn around, you can feed in order to complete the cycle spray and drain, washed with fresh solvent, and finally drained out meal, forming a cycle to achieve continuous production.

cooking solvent extraction machine

Rotocel extractor extraction machine production technology requirements:
1, the charge capacity of the material lattice of 80% -85%;
2, the material temperature dip 50-58 ℃, leaching temperature above 50 ℃;
3, the solvent temperature 50-55 ℃;
4, using a large spray of fresh solvent way, but not to drip dry overflow segment; mixed oil spray page segment to higher material
surface 30-50mm is appropriate; but shall not overflow;
5, extractor operating cycle 75-120min;
6, soluble material ratio of 1: (0.7-1.3);
7, mixed oil concentration level by feeding embryo oil content and operation of the standard may be, under the premise achieve residual index higher the better, just as the operating indicators: if more
than 20% of soybean oil and other materials embryo embryo extract, the mixed oil concentration require 20% -30%; extruded material embryo may reach 35% -40%;
8, meal raffinate generally about 1%;
9, the amount of solvent wet meal containing 15% -40%.

edible oil extarction machine

If you have any questions about the Rotocel extractor extraction machine ,you can visit: www.doinggroup.com

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