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Soya oil refinery machinery

The process of soya oil refining is to refine the crude soybean oil, to remove gossypol, protein, phospholipid, grume, moisture and other impurities, in order to reach the purchase of food and storage.
According to different raw materials, the process of cooking oil refining includes mechanical refining method, chemical refining method and physical refining process refining process.

Main process of soya oil refinery machinery:
1. Crude cooking soybean oil degumming process,
2. Crude vegetable soybean oil deacidification/neutralization process
3. Crude edible soybean oil decoloring process
4. Crude cooking soybean oil deodorization/distillation (deodorising unit) process
5. Crude palm/rice bran/corn/palm oil dewaxing(fractionation) process

cooking oil refinery machinery

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