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How does palm oil extracting machine works?
Crude palm oil is extracted through a carefully monitored series of phases that seeks to make sure that the end product is highly appealing. Palm oil extracting plant usually begins with harvesting of the fruit. This article seeks to cover on process of palm oil physical extracting (screw pressing) and field factors that determine quality of expelled palm oil. The following are the main steps that you should keep in mind and follow keenly as you make sure to get a final excellent crude palm oil:
Step 1. Harvesting of fresh fruit bunch (FFB)
Step 2. Threshing of fruits
Step 3. Sterilization of fruits
Step 4. The digestion process
Step 5. Palm oil extracting (mechanical)
Step 6. Clarification of crude palm oil
Step 7. The palm keener recovery stage
palm oil extraction machine

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